The Royal Gwent Hospital is a large District General Hospital serving the people of South Gwent and the Eastern ‘Valleys’. It supplies all the main medical and surgical specialty treatments and is fully supported by Radiology and Pathology services. Through its Accident and Emergency department, it takes in trauma patients for treatment in the Trauma and Orthopaedic Department. Patients are cared for by the eleven Consultants and associated junior surgeons, ward, theatre and out-patient nurses, and physiotherapists, acting as a cohesive integrated team.



In our unit the elective (non-urgent) branch of Orthopaedics offers a relatively high degree of sub-specialisation, with surgeons dedicated to regions of the body. We believe, along with other large centres, that this professional service development enhances treatment quality



Mr Savage specialises in this area, and studies through Continued Medical Education to bring the best treatments to patients



Patient assessment and treatment is carried out in named out-patient clinics: Fracture, Hand and Upper limb, Rheumatoid Hand, Research and Teaching. Some of the work is carried out by junior surgeons in training, under supervision.



Trauma operations are performed in the main theatre suite at the Royal Gwent Hospital, in dedicated orthopaedic clean air theatres. Elective (non-urgent) surgery is performed in the St Woolos wing, in the newly commissioned ultra modern Orthopaedic Surgical Unit (O.S.U).


  Hand rehabilitation is performed by the specialised Hand Physiotherapy Team, situated adjacent to the out-patient clinic for maximum co-ordination and interaction. We strive to obtain optimum individual care for patients.








St Josephs Hospital tel: 01633 820318 Royal Gwent Hospital tel: 01633 234161