Mr. Robert Savage is an experienced Consultant specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of hand and arm disorders, working in Newport, Gwent, South Wales, UK. His practice covers a wide range of hand disorders including elective and trauma conditions.


My first goal in helping patients is to provide careful appraisal of your medical problem or complaint, whether it be for a recent injury or onset of symptoms, or for a longstanding disorder that has been present for months or years.

If required, X-rays, scans, or other tests will be performed. This will lead to a diagnosis and a discussion of treatment options, based on knowledge and experience.

Personal assessment of your individual practical and aspirational needs will result in a decision on treatment, which will be discussed fully, indicating the benefits and risks of treatment and the timescale of recovery back to work, leisure, and sport activity.

Treatment will be carried out to high standards at dedicated recognised facilities by myself and associated skilled teams.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Thumb Base Arthritis
Dupuytren’s Contracture
Hand/ Finger Swellings/Tumours
Trigger Finger

Fractures of Wrist and Forearm
Fractures of Metacarpals and Fingers


2014: Journal of Hand Surgery (European), original article on “angle correction in Dupuytren’s surgery”.
2014: Journal of Hand Surgery (European), review article on “the ideal tendon repair in zone 2” discussing the mechanics of suture technique in flexor tendon injury.

Please see ‘Biography’ for more details of Mr. Savage’s teaching, training and CV.


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